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Randi L. Winterman has been taking pictures ever since she received her first camera—a Girl Scout 120mm film camera. She has been shooting professionally for about 25 years as the owner of Winterman Ink. She learned photography the old fashion way while a student at Ithaca College's prestigious Park School of Broadcasting. Today, she has lots more time to capture the wonders of nature and street life while hiking with friends and her dog, Rosie.

With the advent of digital, Randi has been known to shoot thousands of photos in a single day. But like all good photographers, she understands that it is still important to take the capture the best image. Her images have appeared in national magazines and have been exhibited locally at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center, High Falls Visitors Center, Image City Photography and other venues. All photos are archival digital prints and are available for sale as photo cards and prints of all sizes.


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